Friday Policy Wine Down - April 22, 2022

A snapshot of the past week in cyber, trade, and environmental policy news.

04/22/2022 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

Here’s what caught our eye this week:


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House Homeland Security Committee:

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Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation:


TRADE & INDUSTRIAL SECURITY: TRADE & INDUSTRIAL SECURITY: Ambassador Katherine Tai and Maureen Hinman speak at launch of “Building Ties with ASEAN’s Emerging Female Leaders”, a partnership with the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI)

STAFF NEWS: Lauren Stowe joins Silverado Policy Accelerator

TRADE & INDUSTRIAL SECURITY: Perspectives on How Congress Can Ensure CHIPS Act Funding Advances National Security Interests: Interview with Sarah Stewart and Emily Kilcrease, Part II and Part III

CYBERSECURITY: Dmitri Alperovitch joins “60 Minutes” to discuss possible Russian cyberattacks

GEOPOLITICS: Dmitri Alperovitch Speaks to PBS’s Judy Woodruff on Russia’s next move in Ukraine