Policy Uncorked - October 18, 2022

10/18/2022 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

Policy Uncorked is a new initiative by Silverado Policy Accelerator to provide an overview of the current week in policy news that cuts across our core pillars of cybersecurity, trade and industrial security, geopolitics, and Eco²Sec, or the intersection of ecological and economic security. Below is a list of the recent and near-term items from Washington and the greater policy ecosystem that are informing Silverado’s work. You will also find a round-up of the latest news and upcoming events from Silverado’s team.


  • TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL SECURITY: Silverado’s Executive Director Sarah Stewart joined former Commerce Department official Kevin Wolf on a special episode of ‘Geopolitics Decanted,’ hosted by Silverado’s Executive Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch, to discuss the United States' new export controls on advanced computing and semiconductor items to China.
  • GEOPOLITICS: Silverado’s Executive Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Cybersoop’s Suzanne Smalley about China-Taiwan relations, Vladimir Putin’s use of cyber attacks during the war in Ukraine, and the U.S.’s new export control measures against China.
  • ECO2SEC: Silverado’s Co-Founder and Executive Chair Maureen Hinman shared a much talked-about infographic depicting U.S. import dependence for energy critical minerals.
  • GEOPOLITICS: Silverado’s Dmitri Alperovitch appeared on DW News to discuss the next stages of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Upcoming Silverado Events/Engagements:

  • As part of the WTO’s Trade and Environment week in Geneva, Silverado is hosting “Practical Trade Solutions to Facilitate Circular Economy,” a panel discussion moderated by Silverado’s Co-Founder and Executive Chair Maureen Hinman. Deputy United States Trade Representative and Chief of Mission (Geneva) María Pagán will deliver keynote remarks. Register now to watch the event live on Wednesday, October 19 at 11:00 am ET/5:00 pm CET.
  • Also at the WTO’s Trade and Environment week, Silverado is co-hosting an in-person event with WTO’s Deputy Director General Jean-Marie Paugam to celebrate the future of trade and sustainability at the WTO. The event will also recognize new climate-inspired artwork by artists Iris Leroyer, Susan Israel, SAYPE, Aik Hoe Lim and Sarah Glenville.
  • Silverado’s Dmitri Alperovitch will join Congressman Jim Langevin on Washington Post Live on Wednesday, October 19 at 11:00 am ET to assess the impact of ransomware attacks on the national economy and discuss how businesses can navigate the threat landscape. Register now.

Strategic Council Happenings:

Here’s what’s catching our eye this week:


The White House

  • A Proclamation on the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
  • Joint Statement: 2022 U.S.-Mexico High-Level Security Dialogue
  • Remarks on Executing a Modern American Industrial Strategy by NEC Director Brian Deese
  • Fact Sheet: The Biden-Harris Administration’s National Security Strategy

Department of Commerce:

Office of the United States Trade Representative:

  • USTR Announces Next Steps in Statutory Four-Year Review of China 301 Tariffs

Department of Defense:

  • $725 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine
  • Statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Release of National Security Strategy

Department of Energy:

  • DOE Launches $32 Million Program to Advance Domestic Supply Chain for Critical Minerals

Department of State:

Other Events to Watch This Week…

Center for a New American Security

The Washington Post

  • Securing Cyberspace,” featuring Silverado’s Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Dmitri Alperovitch (Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 11:00 a.m. ET)

The Association of Women in International Trade