We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2024

The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship creates opportunities for graduate students from across the country pursuing public policy careers, with background studies in economics, applied sciences, international affairs, etc., to gain practical experience and grow professional networks in Washington DC. Fellows will develop technical writing and research skills, be immersed into federal policy-making and international affairs, and sow the seeds of professional growth for years to come. The Fellowship aims to expand the applicant pool to include students who would not otherwise have the opportunity or the financial means to live and work in Washington DC for the summer.

The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship is hosted by the Silverado Policy Accelerator, a think tank focused on American prosperity and global competitiveness through investment in bipartisan economic, strategic, and technological policy solutions.

Silverado introduces Fellows to diverse career pathways by facilitating networking with DC-based professionals from across the U.S. Government, non-profit organizations, business, and academia. In addition, we pair each Fellow with a mentor in their field of interest to guide their success in the Fellowship, and we work with each Fellow to complete a final project of practical application (i.e., research supporting the adoption of federal regulation, publication, draft rules or regulations, etc.) that also advances Silverado's mission and the Fellows' career aspirations.

Program Details


  • Seminar on policy-making in DC
  • Networking with professionals in Government, non-profits, business, and academia
  • Ongoing mentoring in the professional field of interest
  • In-person work at Silverado Policy Accelerator
  • Research project presented at a capstone event with mentors and friends of Silverado

Hear From our Fellowship Alumni


"The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship propelled me closer to my career aspirations in federal policy-making. Under Silverado's mentorship, I delved into the policy areas of decarbonization, critical minerals supply chains, and international affairs more broadly. I wholeheartedly recommend applying for this dynamic D.C.-based professional opportunity."

- Rawand Hidmi

"The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship has been truly instrumental in my growth and development as a graduate student. Through networking events, workshops hosted by the team, and research opportunities, I not only grew professionally, but also gained firsthand perspective on Silverado's impact within the D.C. policymaking community. I am so grateful for the opportunities this fellowship afforded me.”

- Paige Graham

The Catherine Hinman Memorial Fellowship provided me with the opportunity to explore my research interests, particularly the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy. It also granted me valuable insights into the realm of international trade and enabled me to establish personal relationships with individuals in various government sectors, which would have been difficult to achieve otherwise.

- David Kelm