From Ideas to Implementation

No one has a monopoly on solutions to complex global challenges. At Silverado, we believe that fundamental disagreement over questions of American policy is not only an inevitable byproduct of our democratic process; it is an absolutely indispensable part of that process.

Through public events, roundtable discussions, papers, op-eds, and new institutional partnerships, we're bringing together policy experts and stakeholders from different disciplines, industries, and political vantage-points to challenge entrenched ideas about American leadership and build consensus around new paths toward American prosperity and global competitiveness in the 21c.

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What Are the Characteristics of a Silverado Idea?

  • Diagnostic: Does it identify a discrete policy challenge or failure?
  • Solution-oriented: Does it offer a focused solution to that problem?
  • Inventive: Does it present a creative or unconventional approach to a policy challenge?
  • Actionable: Does it include a clear path towards implementation?
  • Bipartisan: Can it draw support from across the political spectrum?
  • Empirical: Can its influence be observed and measured?
  • Integrative: Does it intersect with more than one of Silverado’s three focus areas?
  • Scalable: Can its scope be broadened to address related policy challenges?