Cipher News: "Three Crucial Ways Trade Policy Can Help Us Reach Net Zero"

12/07/2022 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

In a new op-ed for Breakthrough Energy's Cipher News, Silverado's Co-Founder and Executive Chair Maureen Hinman explores three ways that trade policy can help reinforce global climate objectives and move the world toward a net-zero future. As Hinman writes:

Trade policy is not commonly thought of as a tool for combating climate change. After all, the proliferation of trade and global supply chains has contributed to the rise in global carbon emissions by facilitating the spread of carbon-intensive methods of production and transportation.
But trade policy presents a powerful—and largely underutilized—set of tools to help nations combat climate change. Trade policy has already raised environmental standards and broadly improved environmental enforcement, but the larger climate community is just beginning to understand the full potential of climate-focused trade tools.

Read her full analysis here.