Modernizing America's cyber strategy to enhance deterrence, defend against cyber attacks, and protect intellectual property and national security.

As the U.S. enters a new era of geopolitical competition on battlefields old and new, America’s ability to maneuver effectively in cyberspace has become more important than ever. At Silverado, we believe the best approaches to cyber strategy are grounded in a realistic understanding of cyber’s role in the broader geopolitical landscape. In reality, the threats that the U.S. faces in cyberspace are not fundamentally different from the threats it faces in the non-cyber realm. On a daily basis, the United States’ four primary strategic adversaries—China, Russia, Iran and North Korea—attempt to carry out malignant cyber operations designed to collect sensitive information about government activities and public organizations, steal valuable intellectual property from American businesses, and undermine the public’s confidence in America’s democratic institutions. These battle lines frequently extend to non-state actors harbored by the U.S.’s adversaries, including well-organized cyber criminals who use dangerous ransomware and other disruptive attacks to inflict damage on the U.S. businesses and public institutions for financial gain.

As the salience and frequency of cyber operations continues to increase, modernizing America’s cyber strategy and resourcing its cybersecurity infrastructure have become necessary preconditions for achieving any number of other critical government objectives. At Silverado, we’re bringing together cybersecurity practitioners and policy experts with decades of experience in both government and the private sector to accelerate policies that will enhance America’s cyber deterrence, defend against cyber attacks, and protect American intellectual property and national security.

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