Net Zero Trade Policy: A Compendium of Technical Notes

12/04/2023 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

Silverado presents a compendium of technical notes outlining policy design criteria for border carbon measures (BCMs) and border pollution measures (BPMs) and the optimal "Net Zero Trade Policy" approach to achieving commercial and decarbonization goals for traded goods.

Technical Note: Taxonomy of Border Carbon/Pollution Measure (BCM/BPM) Policies

Describes design criteria and approaches to border carbon/pollution measures; outlines the optimal policy path to achieve commercial and climate objectives.

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Technical Note: Carbon Accounting for Traded Goods

How to design carbon accounting systems for traded goods at the product-level that align with the Harmonized System and are accurate and administrable.

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Technical Note: Data Modeling for Interoperable Product Carbon Accounting

GHG accounting for traded goods under border carbon measure/border pollution measure regimes must be interoperable and governments are well placed to use existing regulatory and production data to develop product-level GHG measurement models.

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Technical Note: Scorecard for Border Carbon/Border Pollution Measures (BCMs/BPMs)

Outlines policy objectives and different elements of border carbon or pollution measures and provides a scorecard framework for evaluation of policy effectiveness and risk management.

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