Silverado Webinar: Lithium-Ion Batteries and their Global Value Chains

03/14/2023 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

On March 13, Silverado Policy Accelerator hosted a webinar with experts from the U.S. International Trade Commission focused on critical mineral global value chains for electric vehicle batteries. The participants dove deep on the market, production and trade for four critical minerals: cobalt, nickel, lithium and graphite. The webinar also covered findings from the ongoing research by USITC staff and the most recent developments in the industry.

The webinar featured:

  • Adina Renee Adler, Deputy Executive Director, Silverado Policy Accelerator (Moderator)
  • Andy David, Director of Research and Analysis, Silverado Policy Accelerator
  • Sarah Scott, International Economist, USITC
  • David Guberman, International Economist, USITC
  • Anna Perry, International Economist, USITC
  • Kristin Smyth, International Economist, USITC
  • Karl Tsuji, International Analyst, USITC

A full recording of the event is available here.


Trade and Industrial Security