The Hill: Recycling critical minerals is an underappreciated national security tool

Silverado's Adina Renee Adler explains how the principles of circular economy can help resolve the critical mineral crisis.

05/19/2022 | Adina Renee Adler

Photo Credit: iStock, Zetter

In a new piece for The Hill, Silverado's Deputy Executive Director Adina Renee Adler breaks down the critical mineral crisis that's threatening the United States' national security and suggests how principles of Circular Economy could help resolve it.

"The truth is the United States won’t be able to produce or stockpile its way out of the current critical mineral crisis. In order to secure the nation’s critical minerals supply, the United States also needs to increase its efforts to 'make-use-recycle' critical materials that are already in circulation and repurpose them for future use — drawing from a set of strategies that some economists and policy experts have begun calling the 'circular economy.'"

Read Adina's complete analysis here.