WaPo: Putin has bedeviled American presidents. Biden can learn from their mistakes.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Silverado's Dmitri Alperovitch argues that President Biden argues should prioritize addressing ransomware threats at his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

06/14/2021 | Dmitri Alperovitch and Matthew Rojansky

In a new op-ed for the Washington Post, Silverado's Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch and the Kennan Center's Matthew Rojansky lay out three principles to guide President Biden's upcoming meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin: Be focused, be measured, and be clear about the consequences of inaction.

Putin has never been easily maneuvered. But the surest way for Biden to repeat his predecessors’ mistakes would be openly challenging Russia’s president with unfocused, unachievable demands. If Biden instead prioritizes a direct demand that Putin put an end to ransomware attacks from within Russia, backed by the threat of sanctions or other measures, he’ll go a long way toward addressing an immediate threat and demonstrating to Putin that he doesn’t intend for U.S.-Russia relations to remain business as usual.

Read their full op-ed here.


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