Webinar Recap: Foundational Fabs

10/26/2023 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

Silverado's CoFounder and Executive Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch, CEO & Executive Director Sarah Stewart, Senior Director of Research and Analysis Andy David, and Chief of Staff to the Executive Chairman Marc Raimondi discussed Silverado Policy Accelerator's new report, Foundational Fabs: China's Use of Non-Market Policies to Expand Its Role in the Semiconductor Supply Chain. The report includes extensive semiconductor industry data points demonstrating China's active involvement across the semiconductor supply chain. Silverado issued a series of recommendations to counter China’s non-market practices in this area through additional trade policy measures, collection and public dissemination of annual industry analysis, more detailed trade data schedules and other means.

A full recording of the event is available here.


Trade and Industrial Security