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Celebrating Silverado's Second Anniversary

02/24/2023 | Silverado Policy Accelerator

February 24, 2023,

To Friends of Silverado Policy Accelerator,

Today marks the second anniversary of Silverado's official launch — and what an incredible two years it has been. Since we celebrated our first anniversary one year ago today, the global landscape has shifted in historic and unpredictable ways, but we are proud to say that Silverado has deftly adapted itself to that new landscape, living up to its promise of embodying a dynamic approach to policy acceleration.

Silverado’s accomplishments in the past year were far-reaching. On the policy front, we secured our place at the forefront of issues pertaining to our primary areas of focus: great power competition, Eco²Sec (the intersection of economic and ecological security), trade and industrial security, and cybersecurity. We helped bolster U.S. semiconductor competitiveness, promoted new ideas to create resilient supply chains for critical minerals to support the green energy transition, and led highly technical work on the nexus between trade and climate both at home and abroad — all while creating a name for ourselves on the geopolitical front through our extensive and ongoing analysis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To help celebrate another successful year of operations, we invite you to explore our new "2022 in Review" report, a comprehensive overview of Silverado's achievements, institutional advancements and hard work from the past year. As the document shows, we have been busy — and although we are proud to share these accomplishments with you, we are even more excited for the work that is yet to come.

Finally, thank you for your continued support of Silverado's work. Our mission of forging a new path toward U.S. and allied competitiveness in the 21st century and beyond is truly a collective one, and we are grateful to all of our partners for their ongoing support.


The Silverado Team