Foregrounding the nexus of economic and ecological risk and opportunity to meet the 21st-century climate imperative.

The United States has entered a period in which both the public safety and the economic prosperity of its citizens is intertwined with the well-being of its ecological systems. This period of overlapping climate and ecological crises requires building a sustainable economy that fosters broad-based growth and durable American jobs. From a policy perspective, the challenges presented by this future are truly global. Domestically, lawmakers must craft economic policies that reinforce America’s environmental objectives and capture the benefits of innovations in clean technologies and green industries. On the international stage, the United States must facilitate economic partnerships and strategic alliances to address the universal threat of climate change while protecting America’s economic competitiveness and national security interests. Both at home and abroad, the United States must strive to remain at the vanguard of sustainable green growth in the 21st century.

Economic and Ecological Security—or “Eco²Sec"—frames the policy challenges presented by global economic, environmental, and climate instability as the convergence of these challenges. By offering a space where lawmakers, industry and civil society representatives, policy experts, and labor and environmental advocates can collaborate on this difficult balancing act, Silverado strives to incubate effective policy solutions to address the 21st-century climate imperative.

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